Cidermakers, we want to taste the fruits of your fruit!

Living in Western Pennsylvania, we have access to all sorts of wonderful things. Four seasons, championship-caliber professional sports teams, sandwiches with fries and coleslaw slapped on top. We have a world-class restaurant scene and acclaimed craft breweries.


Alas, as cider enthusiasts, we find ourselves in a wasteland. We can find a handful of Pennsylvania ciders, some regionals from New York and Michigan, and of course, the big national brands. We can make border runs to Ohio to find a few others, but overall our access to the world of cider is severely limited.


We've hit a wall, having tried virtually every commercially available cider in our area. This makes us sad because we know there are amazing ciders out there that we just can't get our hands on.


Cidermakers, you have ciders you are rightfully proud of. Ciders you pour your hearts and souls in to, before we pour them in our glasses. We'd love to taste and review your ciders, giving our honest take (though we've been known to be a little generous, perhaps to a fault, with respect to reviewing). If you can legally ship to Pennsylvania, we can legally drink whatever you send. Go ahead, card'll make us feel young again.


If you'd like us to review your cider, fill out the form below and we'll be in touch.