Winter Whiskey, Cold Spring Evening

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

It is April 4. I am supposed to feel the warmth of the sun, smell the sweet scent of spring flowers, and hear the mating calls of the frogs in the creek behind the house. Instead, I am stuck tonight hearing the howling of the cold wind while snowflakes litter the air. What to drink on a night like tonight? I found myself wanting to sip on something that would take the edge off the day and warm the inside on this chilly evening. I didn’t feel like a big pour of cider or wine, so I went searching for whiskey.

Now, whiskey is more Mike’s thing. I have started to dip my toe in it a bit, tending to like the ones that have some added flavor. Actually, one of my all-time favorite beverages is Wigle Whiskey’s Afterglow, a ginger flavored whiskey that is the bomb dot com. I promise to post a cider cocktail recipe soon that uses it!

Wasn’t in the mood for that so I ventured down to the bar to see what we had and rediscovered what is probably the first whiskey I ever tried without making the scrunched-up face: Catskill Provisions’ New York Honey Whiskey*, a collaboration between Catskill Provisions and Finger Lakes Distilling. It is a great way for a virgin whiskey drinker to try out the libation.

It is has the bite and smoothness of whiskey with just a touch of sweetness to mellow it out. According to the bottle, it is a rye whiskey distilled from 80% local rye mash, aged in charred American barrels with a touch of Catskill Provisions local wildflower honey. This is where Mike would geek out and spout facts about mashes but that is not my thing. I leave the learning and factoids to him. I can just tell you that served on the rocks, it is a “winter” warmer on this spring evening.

When pouring my glass, I was reminded of when Mike and I first were married and I tried to be the nice wife, welcoming him home from a hard day at the office with a glass of whiskey. I didn’t realize that it is just a small pour when it comes to that beverage and he was greeted with the equivalent of 2.5 pours. I learned that day that a whiskey pour is not the same as a wine pour.

Here’s to always expanding your palate, trying new things, rediscovering drinks, and spring coming soon!

* We picked this bottle up at Finger Lakes Distilling a few years back. This specific whiskey doesn't appear to be available anymore (at least as a partnership between the two companies), but Catskill Provisions now makes a branded NY Honey Rye Whiskey of their own. Next time we are in New York, we'll keep our eye out for this new iteration.