Welcome to Our Cider Table!

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Hey, everyone. It's Beth and Mike. Welcome to our Cider Table.

Over the last almost 20 years since we met over one-too-many happy hour cocktails at a defunct 1970s-themed club in Pittsburgh, we have been eating and drinking (and cooking) together. And while we love to watch our kids play soccer and relish any opportunity to check out local delicacies when we find ourselves on the road (always with a cooler in the trunk), our best times are spent at home around the table with family and friends. Most often, lately, with a bottle of cider.

Why cider? It's uncharted, it's fresh (and sometimes funky), it's a brand new palette of flavors. Cider bridges other worlds we love: the simplicity of wine—just fruit, yeast, and time—and the burgeoning craft (and local) scene of beer. Throw in some barrel aging and we've got spirits covered, too.

Our Cider Table is sharing that with you. We'll talk cider, with reviews both short and sweet and long and rambling. We'll jot down recipes. Play around with cocktails. We'll travel and explore and tell you what we find.

And all along we'll share with you what we learn about the joy of meeting around a table, slowing down to appreciate the important things in our lives.

Pull up a chair. We'll open a bottle and pour you a cider.