Luke's Classic Candy Tasting #1

(All posts on the Kids' Table were written entirely by kids! Here, Luke (age 10) reviews three classic candies!)

A few years ago for Christmas, I got a classic candy wrapper puzzle. I love doing puzzles and I love eating candy, so it was the perfect gift for me. Recently, I busted out the puzzle. Every free day I worked on it a lot. After I finished, I realized that I was missing a piece! So, to fill that hole, I am trying to eat all the candies on that puzzle. So today, I’m going to review three candies: Sky Bar, Crows, and Bit-O-Honey.

Sky Bar

Sky Bar is a 4-in-1 chocolate bar. There are 4 squares: one fudge, one caramel, one vanilla, and one peanut (peanut butter).

They each have a light, smooth, and creamy filling. It’s the sort of candy that melts in your mouth.


Bit-O-Honey is a hard taffy that is tough to eat. After you eat this, your jaw will be very tired from chewing. The softer it gets the more flavor comes to your palate. The flavor in this is very distinct; it has a tiny taste of honey, but there is a strong taste of peanut.


Crows are black licorice gumdrops. If you like Good & Plenty, you will love Crows. The only difference is Crows are sticky and they like to target your molars and stay there.

I liked them all, but I can only choose one as my favorite. My favorite is the…Sky Bar!!!

Comment down below if you have tried one of these candies or if you want me to try any candies.

- Luke