Cocktail Recipe: Shamrock Shaker

The Shamrock Shaker is inspired by a cocktail from Liberty Pole Spirits and everyone's favorite seasonal fast food shake. Mike chose a Bushmills Irish whiskey here, as it's a place near and dear to his heart. It was within site of this Northern Irish distillery that he first discovered his love for brown spirits.

Here's the recipe for this St. Patrick's Day cocktail.

Shamrock Shaker

2 oz. Liberty Pole Bourbon Cream

1 oz. Bushmills Black Bush (or your favorite Irish whiskey)

1/2 oz. Creme de Menthe

2 oz. Half & Half

Shake vigorously in cocktail shaker till a little foamy. Top with whipped cream. Add 1/2 oz. Creme de Cacoa if you like chocolate mint.