Cider Review: Maeloc Blackberry

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

The world of cider is vast and varied, from acidic funk in Spain to just-shy-of-cloying sweet from the big brand out of Ireland.

This sidra (the Spanish word for "cider") sits at the crossroads of these traditions, which makes sense for a cider from the Spanish region of Galicia. Due west of Spain's cider regions of Asturias and the Basque country, straight south of Ireland. Here, cultures have collided since Roman times, bringing together the traditions of continental Europe and the fiery independent spirit of the Celts*.

Maeloc Blackberry Cider gives off some earthy tones on the nose. Beth: "I can smell the funk!" That funk is tempered by berry aromas...think wet leaves on the edge of a stand of blackberries. The sidra is three-note on tasting: sweet, funky, tart, unfolding in that order.

Understand, this isn't a really complex, contemplative, or esoteric cider. Those three notes are straightforward, and without that funky middle might leave you feeling kinda ho hum (or "así, así," if we're sticking with Spanish). But that middle, that's what we love about what cider can be.

For pairing, cheese works fantastically well.

Creamy goat cheese with blueberries makes perfect sense from a compare and contrast angle: the creaminess balances the tart finish, the blueberries lining up nicely with the blackberry in the sidra. Even better, the pair of smoked cheeses on our board—a cheddar and a Gouda—highlighted and amplified the more interesting funky notes.

Our favorite part? The bottle is capped with a unique pull tab closure, providing a satisfying POP! upon opening. Turn up the sound...

But please, be careful...the cap is sharp.

If you can find a four pack of Maeloc Blackberry, definitely pick it up for a fun and funky pour.

*If you like world music, check out Santiago, an entire album of Galician music performed by Irish music royalty, The Chieftains.