Cider Review: Eden/ANXO Collaboration #7

At times we get ourselves all twisted up when tasting cider, contemplating and searching and ruminating till, frankly, some of the joy of sharing a bottle goes away. Sometimes a cider--even one made with amazing apples and crafted by the best cidermakers in the world--tastes like apples. This isn't rocket science, cider friends. And it's not a knock on a cider to say its best feature is that it tastes like what it is made of.

A laundry list of heritage apples shows off the impact of expert blending in this ANXO Cider/Eden Ciders. Semi-sweet, bitter tannins, You could spend time going deeper if you'd like. There are definitely a few other notes in there...vanilla, baking spice, honey. That's all secondary and beside the point. And that point? Sometimes a cider is just about letting the apples be apples.