Cider Review: B. Nektar Zombie Killer

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Zombie Killer, a flagship cider from Michigan's B. Nektar meadery/cidery/brewery, seems like a misnomer. With such a violent name, you'd expect sharp edges, throat-slitting acidity, or perhaps an ABV that would put you out of your misery.

But it is none of these things. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Fermented with cherry and honey, and seemingly back sweetened with either or both, it's smooth with a whiff of wildflower. Walking the edge of semi-sweet. The cherries add striking color--pink, not blood red--and big bubbles keep the carbonation coming long after you pour, adding a bit of bounce.

The finish is long and strong and mostly dry, with the honey adding viscosity and the cherry just a touch of tartness. And at 5.5% ABV, you can certainly walk tall after enjoying a bottle or two.

Zombie Killer is a killer cider. And it's the kindest, smoothest, least threatening zombie you're ever likely to encounter.