Cider Floats!

It’s officially summer and we are celebrating with cider floats at our Cider Table. Take the childhood favorite, root beer floats, and sub in cider. Or, think the American classic: apple pie and ice cream, a classic combination that works so well.

To create your cider floats, grab a fun glass, add ice cream, and pour over your selected flavor of hard cider. We’ve been having fun experimenting with different combinations and look forward to trying many more. We recently had a whole cider float bar when we had friends over and they had a blast making their own float combos.

Here are a few of the combinations we’ve created. Let us know what flavor combos you’ve tried or would like to try below!

Caramel Apple

Salted caramel ice cream (or in this case, gelato) and a straightforward apple cider. We used Ciderboys’ First Press. Think apple pie with ice cream and caramel sauce!

Cinnamon Squared

Cinnamon ice cream (hard to find off season, but we managed to locate some at a local restaurant to make this happen in the summer) with a winter-spiced cider: Jack’s Fireside. Works well in the heat, especially beside a firepit.

Chocolate Covered Cherry

Chocolate ice cream with your favorite cherry cider. We used a sweeter cherry cider, McKenzie’s Black Cherry. Chocolate covered cherry in liquid form!